Pacific Nutritional Foods, Inc. (PNF) is fully equipped with the technology to perform multiple services for contract packaging of liquid and food grade products, including tea and soy / non soy-based products.

For more than 20 years, PNF has focused intensively and exclusively on the following:

  • Process System Description

  • Overall Description: Liquid products

  • Customer provided ingredients and/or mixes

  • Powder ingredient constant feeding system

  • Volume-based liquid blending system

  • Custom-made mix preparation

  • Process Sterilization Method - Steam injection sterilization and flash cooling system

Batch Size Requirements:

  • Minimum Run: 30 metric tons/day

  • Packing System: Tetra Pak Aseptic Brick Package (long shelf life)

  • Package Size: 1 Liter Slim

  • Capability: 6000 packs/hour

  • Cases Per Pallet:15 cases(12 packs/case) x 5 layers = 75 cases/pallet

  • Opening Types: Screw Cap(w/ or w/out)